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    New Design

    If you are looking to completely redesign your garage doors, we also offer complete garage door installation services. We will provide you with numerous design options for your new garage door, and we will install it within your budget and schedule. We also offer garage door window installation and repair to help add additional features to your garage door. We work to ensure your complete satisfaction with our garage door installation services.

    Garage Door Replacement

    A garage door is much more complicated that you may realize. If you think about it, there is no larger movable device that is attached to your house. There are many technical factors to be considered during garage door installation. There are many small parts that need to be mounted and connected correctly.


    The tiniest details make all the difference when it comes to the year-round safety and functionality of the door itself.


    The experts at Champion Garage Doors have years of experience installing new garage doors and-or replacing older ones in Minneapolis. We take every necessary precaution to guarantee the safety and reliability of your garage door.


    Not only will we install or replace your garage door; we will happily install every additional part – such as openers – as well.

    If you are in the need of residential or commercial garage door installation services, contact us today!

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