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Garage Cable Repair Champlin, Minnesota

Did you garage cable snap or break? Champion Garage door can replace or repair your garage cable in most cases the same day!

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So, your garage door cable snapped and you cannot find a replacement in Champlin, Minnesota. The worst part is that you don't know how to start fixing the problem. Well, wipe away that frustrated look on your face because Champion Garage Doors is here for you to deliver highly-skilled garage cable repairs. So, just chill. We got your back!

If your garage cable snapped, you may be looking at a garage door that won't open or close; or in the worst-case scenario, the door falling off and causing injury. At Champion Garage Doors, we pride ourselves on our high level of expertise in handling garage cable off-track and cable snapped issues.

We offer 24/7 emergency garage cable repair services to our residential and commercial customers. You can depend on us for exemplary services in garage cable repair, garage door installation and around the clock maintenance.

Why Shouldn’t You DIY A Garage Cable Repair?

We would advise you not to take a DIY approach for a garage cable repair as it could be quite dangerous. You could end up electrocuting yourself or have the garage door fall on you. You also need to take into account that only a professional would be able to effectively troubleshoot the reason why the cable snapped.

The garage door is quite a complex system of steel panels that are reinforced with stiles which are then interconnected with hinges and rollers. It is hard to do a garage cable repair when you are not trained on how the system works.

Another reason that you should not DIY a garage cable repair is that you would not know when and where to start. During a garage cable off track, at most times there are no telltale signs that the system is going down. You will not see any hanging cables, hear any creaking noises or notice any cables snapped. The motor may still fire up even as it strains with its dear life till it eventually stops working. How could you possibly see that coming?

Do not strain yourself. Let us handle the dirty work for you. If your garage door suddenly gives up on you, pick up the phone and call Champions Garage Door experts for advice and workmanship.

Garage Cable Repair in Champlin, Minnesota by Champion Garage Doors

Why Is the Cable Important?

The garage door cable is the key component of your garage door. It acts as a safety mechanism running through the torsion springs and has the massive responsibility of bearing the weight of the door when it comes up and down. In case of a spring failure, the cable acts as a backup that prevents a violent spring recoil.

The cable should be properly aligned to the ground. In case of a garage cable off track, it would simply fall effortlessly on the floor and not damage or harm anything in its way.

What Causes the Garage Cable Off Track?

A number of reasons can cause your garage cable off track. There may be an imbalance in the tension between the cables and the springs. The cable then gets unwound and that’s when you eventually notice that your cable off-tracked or even snapped. The imbalance may be due to a wrong drum size for the torsion spring, a broken torsion spring or probably the garage door could have experienced a heavy impact from an object.

Do not hesitate to call us at Champions Garage Door if you need advice on other possible causes of the garage cable off track.

Hire Trained Professionals in Champlin

Your garage is an integral part of your property and making sure that it is in a shipshape condition should be your top priority. Defective cables and springs in the garage can lead to a lot of problems – save for the accidents in the long run. Solicit the services of a professional garage cable repair service.

At Champions Garage Door, we have a team of highly trained and skilled experts to install and repair all types of garage door springs, snapped cables and related accessories. Our avid technicians have years of experience in handling garage door repairs, in and around Champlin, Minnesota. Make your home a safe haven with functioning garage doors.

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