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5 Common Garage Door Repairs

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Homeowners rely on their garage doors to operate properly with each use and protect their home from intruders. Garage doors are pretty simple machines, so their repairs tend to be pretty simple as well. These five common garage door repairs can usually be fixed without having to hire a professional, so you can keep your garage working smoothly and protect your home.


1. Broken Spring
Springs support the weight of the garage door, and can be prone to breaking under all that pressure. Without springs the door will not be able to operate, and can only be opened using the emergency release cord. Springs are also what help render the door weight neutral, so you will feel the full 300 pounds of the door when opening it manually. While you can replace broken springs by yourself, it is a very intricate and potentially dangerous process (you do not want that 300 lb door falling on anyone’s foot), so with this specific repair, it may be best to consult a professional.

2. Loud Noises While Opening and Closing
If you door is making loud screeching or grinding noises when in use, there’s a good chance that the track needs some attention. The track could need lubrication, or may have to be cleaned of dirt and debris. Clean the tracks without any harsh chemicals to remove any dirt or debris that could be obstructing the wheels. Then coat the track in lubricant specifically for garage doors, or something standard like WD-40. Run the door a couple times to make sure that did the trick. If not, you will need a professional cleaning or new tracks installed.

3. Broken Cables or Pulley
Broken cables and pulleys usually result in a garage door bouncing around or struggling when in use. Broken cables will look worn or have dangling or tangles wires, and broken pulleys will no longer be at a 90 degree angle. New cables and pulleys are inexpensive, but the process of replacing them gets very complicated and can become costly if not done properly.

4. Locked Garage Door
Some garage doors are able to be locked from the outside by simply turning the handle. If your garage door has this feature, a child or neighbor accidentally turning the handle could be the cause of your problems.

5. Malfunctioning Safety Sensors
Safety sensors prevent the garage door from closing on any people or objects that may be in the doorway. If your garage door closes part way and then reverses, it could be a problem with the safety sensors. Clean any debris that could be obstructing either sensor like cobwebs or dirt. If this doesn’t work you may have to move the sensors so that they are aligned with each other, both sensors should have their indicator light illuminated.

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